Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Post OP Orders


1. S/P Right Colon Resection

2. Diet: Consult Dietary for recommendation

3. IV: consult Nephrology.

4. VS: Per Routine

5. Monitor Intake and Output. If urine output is low, consult Nephrology

6. PCA pump per Pain Management

7. Antibiotics per Infectious Disease

8. Consult GI for recommendation for proton pump inhibitor

9. Foley catheter to gravity, D/C in am if OK with Urology

10. AM lab per Medicine

11. Consult Physical Therapy for ambulation per their recommendation

12. Consult Cardiology for Beta Blocker administration

13. Hematology to see for DVT prophylaxis

14. If patient develops temp above 99.0 0r WBC above 10,000 consult Infectious Disease

15. Consult Cardiology if patient complains of chest pain

16. Critical Care Consult while patient is in ICU

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