Saturday, March 16, 2013

Conversation With the Minotaur, Part Three

Why Now?

Do you mean why, after thousands of years of lurking in the shadows and going in and out of a variety of Labyrinths, am I making such a splash in the public forum?


Well. Why not now? I’ve got a story to tell and I decided it was time to set the record straight. Your mythology books paint me as a vicious monster, devouring innocent youths and maids. But, as I’m sure you can surmise, I am everything but a monster. The world today is falling apart at the seams. This is nothing new. Hatred and war and death have been around since the first man and woman. Now, however, things are different. You have the means to destroy yourselves and this world.

Maybe I’m na├»ve or maybe I have an inflated opinion of myself, but I thought that my experience, my personal witness of events from long ago might make a difference. It did take a bit of persuading by some of the people responsible for my being here, but they are one hundred per cent correct. The world needs to know the truth. So, here I am, an eyewitness to Moses, Jesus, Dracula and so many more. I’d like to say that I know the way to the promised land, that I can lead the masses away from the paths of certain destruction, but I am not a god, I’ve failed miserably every time I’ve tried to be a great leader, I’m only a humble monster.

What do you have to offer, Minotaur?

My witness. Witness to the truth about God, humanity and history. Is there any truth to the current Greek and Roman Mythology? I can tell you. From Moses to the beatnik generation I’ve been there and seen that.

We can all learn from history and from humanity. We can learn that there are some truly noble men and women among god’s creation, but there are far more villains and scoundrels. The depths of depravity that humanity can reach is both astounding and disgusting. I’ve lived through the evil of war, murder and the Holocaust.

On the flip side there are men and women who have sacrificed themselves so that others my live. In my life I’ve seen both the amazingly good and the exceptionally bad.

Just come visit me and I will tell you, listen to my lecture next week at the University, read the book that will follow and learn the truth. That is all I ask. And, after you’ve learned what I have to offer, look at this world and try to make a difference, try to make it a better place.

This is an excerpt from my interview with The Minotaur the week before his fateful lecture at The University. This lecture was where he first revealed the events of his remarkable life; events which are recounted in the book “Minotaur Revistied.”

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