Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Prediciton


I realize it’s a little late and the big game is nearly upon us, but I feel inspired to offer my analysis of the big game and, for all the bettors out there, my prediction.
New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks
Patriots battling Seahawks
Who has the advantage? Who will win?
Let’s start with Patriots. These are individuals who are dedicated to a specific nation. In this case New England Patriots must refer to soldiers of the Revolutionary War. These combatants were equipped with muskets, sabers and cannons as well as loyalty to their cause.
On the other side are Sea Hawks another name for the Osprey. These large birds fly high above bodies of water looking for their prey which is almost always fish. Once spotted these birds swoop down and grab their hapless victim in their sharp claws and carry the fish away to be consumed. They have excellent eyesight, can fly at great height and speed and powerful claws.
Sea Hawks vs Patriots.
At first blush one would have to assume that Patriots, armed with muskets and cannons, would hold a great advantage over a mere bird. But, let’s examine things a little closer.
The musket is a weapon designed to fire in concert with many muskets. It fired a large ball, but was not very accurate. I seriously doubt that even the most skilled Patriot could hit a high flying Sea Hawk with a musket ball.
A Sea hawk’s claws and beak are not nearly as powerful as a musket ball, but large bird swooping down at high speed surely would inspire fear and can inflict considerable damage. Now imagine eleven birds doing the same thing. A flustered Patriot, seeing a vicious Osprey descend out of the desert sun may get the chance to fire once, but once set upon would likely turn and hightail it back to the safe confines of the snowy North.
Thus, my expert analysis clearly gives Seahawks the advantage over Patriots.

Final Score: Seahawks 24 Patriots 7