Sunday, May 4, 2014

Television Shows which We Probably Won't See


Biggest Gainer:

 Fourteen Contestants compete to see who can gain the most weight during the twelve weeks of competition. Each week features a different type of food. Contestants will have a set amount of time to consume as much as they can tolerate. Starts with Italian week and finishes with American. CBS

At Home with Charlie Manson:

The notorious serial killer and psychopath invites the viewer into his home to experience his special brand of hospitality. E!

The Great Book Reading Race:

 Contestants read “War and Peace” on camera. The competitor who finishes the book first and is able to pass the judges intense and in depth examination is declared the winner. NBC

Hemorrhoid Roundtable:

Celebrities and ordinary people have weekly discussion about their hemorrhoids and associated anorectal disorders. Each week a live demonstration of hemorrhoidal therapy will be presented on camera. Moderated by Wolf Blitzer. CNN

Laverne On Shirley:

The 1970’s sitcom is updated to twenty first century sensibilities. ABC

Turtle Triathlon:

A variety of turtles compete in an Iran Man Triathlon, featuring a 120 mile bike race, 2.5 mile swim and 26.2 mile marathon run. ESPN2


Exciting events in the city of Toledo, Ohio are presented. In the first episode students at Toledo High School protest serving soy based hamburgers for lunch. ABC Family

Redwoods Live!:

Real time growth of Redwood trees is captured on film. Discovery

Surgery with the Stars:

Celebrities join with professional surgeons and perform actual operations on live, sick patients. A panel of judges, made up of surgeons from all specialties grades the celebrities on a scale form 1-10. FOX

Homeless Chef:

Homeless men and women demonstrate their skills in the art of food scavenging and preparation. The camera takes the viewer to different cities where the homeless find the finest edible refuse and prepare it live on screen. Emphasis is placed on cooking over an open fire. FOOD