Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Amazing Weight Loss Program


If you are overweight and want a quick and easy way to slim down then checkout Voodooweightloss.com. This remarkable diet plan is guaranteed to help you shed those unwanted pounds in a matter of weeks and all with a minimum of effort on your part. Too good to be true? Of course, it sounds like voodoo and, the amazing thing is, IT IS VOODOO.

That’s right. Madame Marie, Queen of the Voodoo curse, straight from Haiti, the voodoo capital of the world, guarantees that if you follow her plan you will be a size two in no time. Even better, Voodooweightloss.com weight loss program allows you to eat anything and everything. I know what you’re thinking; this is some kind of scam. But, the tried and true voodoo methods, perfected over thousands of years are now available for your dieting pleasure.

Madame Marie will use her skills to slowly slim your hips, tighten your thighs and arms, firm your chin, eliminate that unsightly cellulite and, for a small extra fee, enhance your breasts and buttocks. For you male customers, she can give you six pack abs, rock hard biceps, a tight shapely butt and a sharp, chiseled face. Other enhancements may also be available (extra fees may apply).

How does she do it? Is it magic? No, it’s voodoo. For a brief time we are offering Madame’s amazing service at the incredibly low introductory price of $69.95. For this initial low fee a miniature voodoo doll will be constructed in proper proportion to your current body habitus. Madame Marie, employing secret Voodoo techniques known to only a few Voodoo High Priestesses will over a period of several weeks gradually mold your likeness into a svelte image of the self you want to be. Want to be Barbie? She can do it. Rush jobs are available for an extra fee.

So, if you have a class reunion coming up and want to show that bully from high school what you’re really made of give Madame a buzz. She will turn those thunder thighs into tight, muscular limbs that will make you the envy of every man and woman that ever made fun of you.
Just send $69.95, plus $12.95 to cover the cost of the dead chicken along with any personal item (Fine jewelry preferred) to www.voodoooweightloss.com and start to see the pounds melt away.

Disclaimer: Not approved by the American Academy of Weight Loss Programs. Once the contract is signed all obligations must be fulfilled. The Voodoo Weight Loss program can also work in reverse. Individual results may vary.

American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Paypal accepted.

Obesity is a problem that pervades our society. In medicine and, particularly surgery, whenever there are a large number of techniques for a particular operation it is generally accepted that none of them is perfect and each has a drawback or flaw. The number of diet programs available suggests that there is no one program that works better than any other. The glycemic advantage, low carb high fiber, high carb low fat, high fat low carb, Adkins, South Beach, Jenny and all the others all seem like voodoo to me. Proper diet and exercise, although archaic and requiring some determination by the individual are the keys to safe and effective weight loss. But if you are looking for a safe, albeit unorthodox weight loss program check out Madame Marie and Voodooweightloss.com.