Saturday, December 26, 2009

Inadequate Coverage

The End of Print Media?

To the Editor,
I am writing to you to register a complaint regarding your newspaper, The Houston Chronicle. I’ve noticed that recently the coverage provided by your publication has been inadequate. The exposure in recent months has been unacceptable and has left glaring gaps that are intolerable. Actually, I’ve noticed this deficiency since the fall of 2008.
During the most recent Presidential Campaign I have to say that your newspaper met my needs in a most efficient manner. I rarely found any significant areas left uncovered and nothing of importance ever was missed by your pages. However, starting around the time of the 2008 election I began to notice glaring deficiencies. At first I tried to ignore the obvious lack of coverage, but after a while I found it impossible to overlook.
So, I decided to change. After looking at all the possible substitutes I settled upon The Wall Street Journal. Admittedly, this paper also may be lacking in some departments compared to the Chronicle, but no other paper surpasses the quality of its coverage. Since I’ve made the change there are no more gaps and my time utilization efficiency is greatly improved.
Now, every Saturday, when I change the paper at the bottom of Isaac and Rebecca’s cage I am thankful for The Journal. The paper overlaps perfectly, so that when one layer is removed the layer underneath is pristine and ready to receive whatever may fall its way. I am also using fifty percent less paper each week and, thus, am helping to preserve one of our most precious natural resources.
As an added benefit Isaac and Rebecca, two Eclectus parrots native to the Solomon Islands, are speaking in much clearer tones and their words seem to make more sense. Of course they have been clamoring for more luxurious accommodations ever since I left the “Homefront” page staring up at them.
And so, dear Editor, it is with a heavy heart that I am cancelling my subscription to the Chronicle. The reduction in the size of your pages was the final straw. I may miss “Dear Abby” and “Blondie”, but I believe that the benefits to our planet and to the aching in my back far outweigh any potential negative effects.
I thank you for your consideration.


David Gelber MD